Assessment Lead Programme

Assessment Lead Training at a time and place that fits your busy schedule. Watch video explanations of key underlying concepts from some of the world’s foremost experts in assessment and follow along with detailed examples from schools working through the everyday practicalities of implementing an integrated assessment system.

What’s included?

The course is modular, with each of our four modules broken down in to lessons. This enables you to learn around your busy schedule, wherever and whenever suits you. The four modules are: theories of great assessment; designing great assessment; analysing assessment data; and leading great assessment school-wide.

The team has ensured that this online training platform is revolutionary. We know that online learning, particularly in education, can be improved, and the evidence is there on what constitutes good online learning – so we are building a great-looking platform, filled with world-class content, which enables you to make meaningful change in school.

In Autumn 2017, this revolutionary platform will be launching to an exclusive cohort of forward-thinking schools who are committed to using the toolkit of assessment to improve pupil outcomes.

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