Assessment Academy is a development by the team at Evidence Based Education. Our aim is really simple: to improve outcomes for pupils worldwide. We do this through high-quality, pragmatic and, most of all, responsible professional development for those engaged at all levels of education.

Having trained thousands of teachers around the world over the last few years, we found an increasingly urgent need from educators to know how to assess better. (Don’t worry… You’re not alone in this need! Watch this video to see us talking to a Headteacher who felt this too.)

In an uncertain world without levels, the calls from classroom teachers and school leaders have become louder and louder: What constitutes great assessment? How can assessment be done well, on an individual level and on a school level, without years of study or a bottomless CPD budget? And how can great assessment make a difference to pupils in my school?

Pragmatic CPD

Our team is a dynamic and ambitious one. (You can meet them further down this page!)

We have years of experience working in schools, as teachers and school leaders, as well as in research and in education policy. This means we understand the pressures you face during day-to-day life in school, and it allows us to make sure of two key things: firstly, our training is robust and evidence-based; and secondly, it is pragmatic.

While some level of theory is necessary for improving assessment practice, we know that the really important thing to you is how that translates into the classroom. So we don’t bombard you with reading lists – rather, we use examples relevant to you, give you practical tools, and guide you step-by-step to practice the skills you learn in a real situation.

Responsible CPD

Well, it’s in our name… With a name like Evidence Based Education, it is important to us that we set a standard in responsible CPD that aligns with the best research on how we, as people and as teachers, learn. We aren’t interested in simply taking some slides from a keynote speech and putting them online. We are leading the way in what good teacher professional development looks like.

It is evidence-based, personalised and flexible. It is about being accountable to the evidence on teacher learning (notably the Standard for Teacher Professional Development), and adapting our world-class training course accordingly. This ensures that you benefit from evidence-based training of the highest quality, to a timetable that suits you.

Stuart Kime

Course Tutor

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Managing Director

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Head of Assessment

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Web Designer

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Course Architect

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Head of Partnerships