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The measure

Use the tools of the great assessment toolkit to take accurate measurements. Measurements that provide useful information that can help make judgements and inform next steps. The more accurate the measure the more confident you can be in the effectiveness of your response.

The response

That information can then be used to check whether pupils have learnt what you think they have learnt, to identify when pupils are doing well so that you can challenge them to further explore the subject and to identify gaps in knowledge or misconceptions so that you can intervene to guide them back on track.

Weather any storm

Great assessment can provide stability during these challenging times of uncertainty caused by a series of major changes to national qualifications and national performance measures. A school that uses assessment primarily to promote long term learning will find they have the ability not only to weather this storm but continue to thrive in the face of any future ones.

Assessment Academy is a place where education professionals enhance their assessment knowledge, skills and confidence. We support schools in navigating the world of classroom assessment by providing high quality training and insight on assessment theory and practice, applicable to all subjects and schools. We believe that assessment is a tool that can be used more effectively and confidently to understand pupils and their learning progression.

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